5 Step men's guide for buying lingerie for women

Chàtte is more than delighted to help you in choosing or purchasing the perfect lingerie for your girlfriend, wife or partner. This is the ultimate guide for men to choose the right lingerie gift in easy 5 steps.



1. What is her size??

What is her Chàtte bra size?

In here you have to do little bit of detective work. Secretly peak in to her lingerie drawer and find out what size she currently using. Make sure you check few to make sure that you are not picking up the wrong underwear and its size. The bra sizes comes in two digit numbers and a letter. Two digit numbers are 30 , 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, & 48. Letter indicates the bra cup sizes and shows as A, B , C, D, DD, E, F, G & H. As an example you will see the bra size as 34E.

Now look at her bottoms as well. These come as small, medium or large. Or like dress sizes 8, 10 or 12. 

Remember all these are Australian lingerie sizes. Check here for our complete guide for bra sizes.


2. What style does she like most?

Well done! now you know her lingerie size and here we will explain how to select the style.

What does she wear when she sees you? That’s a good guess. Bras comes in different shapes and mades. Do you know whether she likes balcony / push up bra or boudoir bra? No idea? no worries see below pictures and find out which bra she likes most. Click each bra type for more info.


Women is more comfortable with one type of bottoms. Pick the right brief style from the below. Click each brief for more info.

3. Choose her favorite lingerie color

Here you need to peak in to her lingerie drawer again to find out what color she prefer most. it could be dark , bright or pale lingerie (bra or pantie).


4. What else goes with lingerie to make it a perfect gift

Have you thought of luxurious nightwear. Available in all sizes large, medium or small to perfectly fit your women.


5. Still confused !!

Feel free to contact us on info@chatte.com.au. We are here to help you with any question you have.


All the best with you perfect gift. Shop Chàtte lingerie here